• Pics i made in photoshop

    Posted Thu at 9:34 AM by Chall Frankow

  • Guide to the Internet

    Posted Wed at 4:06 AM by Aqua

    This guide is made for pretty much anyone on the internet in the hopes that people keep themselves out of trouble. How to survive on the internet. At first count everyone as a random strange 40 year old man(to dont go sharing personal info etc) If proven the person is not a 40 year old creep feel...

  • pie

    Posted Tue at 12:18 PM by Chall Frankow

    pie is the best food. pie is the best food. pie is the best food. pie is the best food. pie is the best food. pie is the best food. pie is the best food. pie is the best food. pie is the best food. pie is the best food. pie is the best food. pie...

  • pie

    Posted Tue at 12:18 PM by Chall Frankow

    pie is the best food. pie is the best food. pie is the best food. pie is the best food. pie is the best food. pie is the best food. pie is the best food. pie is the best food. pie is the best food. pie is the best food. pie is the best food. pie...

  • Make It

    Posted Mon at 10:49 PM by Girl Crown

    Rather than copying that fashionable girl It’s the best to be yourself If you can feel the dazzle of your heart Then let’s go in search of your ideal! All these multiplying memories Divide it into half And help complete a friend Make it! We’re invincible ...

  • Girl's Week old

    Posted Mon at 10:43 PM by Girl Crown

    Our lonely weekends will be endedIn the middle of the nightAnd our new selves will emergeThere's a certain heat and a smile in your fingertipsAnd in your ears there's a song and a kissAs I give you a gentle hugThat which I feared was my own immature heartThe days always lighten up my eyes as I long ...

  • :

    Posted Mon at 4:57 PM by JewelsHaru

    RULES: 1~Do your best to be literate! About 2-4 Sentences is a good min. :)  2~ Please please please!! Do not be god and control my character.   3~ Don't leave me Hanging T^T I understand you have a life but if the RP gets boring tell me! Or if you have something to do let me know. I wi...

  • Setting up some Rp's

    Posted Mon at 4:40 PM by JewelsHaru

    Hey Hey hey~  So On my blog I'll have some Rp characters up on here and some plots for a just in general for any character.  My rules will be on a seperate blog~ If you have any questions just Dm me or message me~

  • Other half

    Posted January 13 by ✧:°. Little Sweet Devil .°:✧

    ‘I created you, a new me, a second me. A mirror, look the same but opposite. Everything I admired. A me, that held me up, always confident. Held my broken heart on it's place like it would still be whole and loved it's every flaw. Stronger... Able to fight for me. Selfish, take what want. Not afraid...


    Posted January 13 by NYU


  • Drawing

    Posted January 13 by Alexxx

    Hi everyone,so I have in past two years start to draw and till now I found myself loving it,even if I suck in drawing. So everything in all,I have make videos of my drawing from two years ago when I have started and I will make much more in future to show how is it now.So if someone want to see it,...

  • Old fashioned love

    Posted January 11 by -Mari-

    Nowadays love letters are no longer written Nowadays you don't see flowers Where has that romance gone? Poems to win hearts no longer exist Now they merely send emails And nobody gives chocolates But I refuse to change, it's my way I confess that I would love to... Love you the old-fashio...

  • Between us..

    Posted January 11 by -Mari-

    Just to brag, I told my friends That in love, no sorrow can crush me. And to prove it, I would forget about your kisses And a few shots of tequila are enough for me. I told them to find me a new love, And in her arms, I began to stop loving you, That I abhor you since the day of your betray...

  • If you could read my mind

    Posted January 11 by -Mari-

    If you could read my mind, love, What a tale my thoughts could tell. Just like an old time movie, 'Bout a ghost from a wishing well. In a castle dark or a fortress strong, With chains upon my feet. You know that ghost is me. And I will never be set free As long as I'm a ghost that you can't ...

  • ᗯays Of ᗩ Kōhai | The Guide To ᔕuccess 「先輩 後輩」

    Posted January 9 by 『k i n g』

    Police: “911 - What is your emergency?” Kōhai: “Senpai hasn't noticed me ༼இɷஇ༽” Senpai and Kōhai relationship (先輩 and 後輩), has been popularized within the anime community as well as many anime series over the past decade. Thousands of anime characters and people in real lif...

  • Choking

    Posted January 9 by ✧:°. Little Sweet Devil .°:✧

    "You're still playing on my mind.I remember every word you said,How you lied sometimes so sweet...And then brought me to bottom.How I believed blindly you're a good person who just had his bad sides...You were everything I wanted,But I was just a shadow to you.Was it worth it?To play and break a hea...

  • Ghost

    Posted January 9 by ✧:°. Little Sweet Devil .°:✧

    It's so hard to admit that I'm this bitter because of you.You didn't only break my heart, but also my soul.You're finally gone from my life, from breaking me down...Or that's what I thought, since you're still there. Right behind me.I can feel you still breathing...And you break me again. Again.Just...

  • Otaku at school

    Posted January 6 by Lucinda

    When I'm in school I ship most of the people at my school with someone else but if I can't ship the guys with other guys at school without being call creepy then my Otaku levels will go down and I like my level of INSANESS because it makes me well me and now I'm going to buy a note book at name it O...


    Posted January 5 by NYU



    Posted January 1 by NYU


  • Stepping stones

    Posted December 30, 2016 by Kitty

    Well i guess its that time of year again. I'm not much of a talker when it comes to myself, dont get me wrong i would consider the stuff ive done over the past couple of years intresting, but i dont think i am.  So i am writing a blog about everything i have done and doing.  After litte...

  • Hey Interweb Nerds

    Posted December 30, 2016 by Mari

    Hey guys. Long time since I update. I deleted the other blogs because they only focused on venting and negative things. But moving on to actually updating. I've been working on writing new music and practicing art styles since summer began. I plan to start a bandcamp or something and I might be putt...

  • My YouTube Channel

    Posted December 28, 2016 by meeko

    I'd like to announce my new YouTube channel for Raccoon's Cave.  I've been working on this site for awhile along with my son, and we are planning on using this YouTube channel as a place to post video game news, reviews, and unboxing videos.  We finally have the channel ready, and the firs...


    Posted December 23, 2016 by NYU


  • I Stayed

    Posted December 21, 2016 by AshleyRyan

    I sat there, worry in my eyes, tears about to roll down my face. Mom in the drivers seat and Ethan in the back seat of the silver Ford Explorer. He was right behind us in a white Chevy. I dont know what model it was exactly, but if I was to ever see it again I'd be able to tell. The phone rung. It w...

  • the girl who's 879 miles away

    Posted December 21, 2016 by AshleyRyan

    what you saw was a smile what you saw was everything you needed to see but below your Computer screen was a 14 year old girl starving, beaten, alone but your smile, stories, jokes made her full, healthy, popular she's not sad anymore she sometimes wonders where you are now did you make it to Ohio? i...

  • my friend vishal

    Posted December 21, 2016 by marie

    vishal is stupid and does alot of emoji's

  • my friend katell

    Posted December 20, 2016 by marie

    this my friend katell she love woa but theres a seceret she has a crush on vishal 

  • World of lies

    Posted December 15, 2016 by ✧:°. Little Sweet Devil .°:✧

    Jump in a rabbit hole and pop up in a strange world, in a world completely upside down... This little curious girl walks around lost in the sparkle of wonder. A own secret world you'll never see. A little insane... A little reckless... A little wild... A little world of a girl's imagination. But not...

  • Elmo street

    Posted December 13, 2016 by Ickis_Cipher

    Hello my fellas. Welcome to my blog. So I post very weirdest stuff you will ever seen.


    Posted December 9, 2016 by NYU


  • World of Anime Turns 7 Today

    Posted December 3, 2016 by meeko

    World of Anime was officially launched on December 3rd, 2009, so please join me in wishing:   Happy 7th Birthday World of Anime!!!   When did you join the site?  Let's see if we can find the longest tenured member (other than myself).

  • Im salty and ready to meet other peepers so we can be salty rp

    Posted November 25, 2016 by honeynutyurios



    Posted November 24, 2016 by NYU


  • Dani (Dawn)

    Posted November 22, 2016 by Dani

    Whoa, the blog format is so weirrrrddddd. XD I used to do a lot of blogs on the old WOA (am I the only one who mentally pronounces it "woe-ah"?) I'm thinking about bringing some of my more popular ones back, like the "Part of That World" ariel/otaku parody, and starting up some newer ones. ^w^ I don...


    Posted November 17, 2016 by NYU


  • Demons

    Posted November 12, 2016 by ✧:°. Little Sweet Devil .°:✧

    A quiet girl... She pretends she doesn't hear, But she hear. They whisper... Backstabbing, lies, fake friends... She seen it all. Hate, loneliness, depression... Right there, but invisible. Staring down on herself. Cut... Hurt... Pain... Suicide... Medicine... Demons lingers in the dar...


    Posted November 11, 2016 by NYU


  • Welcome the first site moderator

    Posted November 11, 2016 by meeko

    Just posted this in the Site Announcements forum, but since I figured not everyone reads the forums, I would post it here as well.   Almost since the beginning of this web site, people have asked me why there are no site moderators. I've seen countless people say that's the number one thing t...

  • I am going to Lenny the Lenny out of you

    Posted November 9, 2016 by CrimsonShellShock

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡&...

  • Eaten by mind

    Posted November 5, 2016 by ✧:°. Little Sweet Devil .°:✧

    This girl grew up too fast. Knew too much in a too young age, and she suffered more than let show. Quiet, never spoke, never let out. Hidd more than could hold in. She wanted someone to see her, but people just walked past. Crying, screaming, but nobody to depend on. Whole world as en...

  • Deepest Sea

    Posted November 5, 2016 by ✧:°. Little Sweet Devil .°:✧

    A love deeper than the sea... Could drown in eternity. It's not a love that save you, But pull you down and you'll only fall. But it's so beautiful... And he shines the brightest. Sun reflects on the surface... She reach out, but can't reach. Swallowed by the sea, But she'll fall f...

  • Enemy of love

    Posted November 4, 2016 by ✧:°. Little Sweet Devil .°:✧

    He's the coldest, the most selfish. His eyes only see himself, but she's looking at him. So full of love and her eyes sparkle of happiness every time he's around. She let him have her heart, even though she knew, he doesn't care about her. But she wanted to believe, and he became the...

  • My Old Love Status

    Posted November 2, 2016 by Nelly-sama^[]^

    When i was 11 i had my first boyfriend we we're classmates we only met at school nothing much fun so we went out on dates but not alone our classmates also joined us so i really tought it was'nt fun so i dump him it wad cool for me but for him i don't think soo since then we became awkward with each...

  • my world

    Posted November 1, 2016 by Niki

    Hi,      all the people reading this im so tired bc i have had a long day and i have a head ace but i dont care.I love being with you guys,you are all like my advil. you make me so happy!!Im glad im here with you and not with any other site bc then i would feel weird not being o...

  • Walking Dead Starring My School Friends

    Posted November 1, 2016 by Kim

    So here's some adventures taking place at school about the walking dead. Including Glenn(Me), Michonne(Iris), Negan(Rhyane), and Maggie(Bailey) Negan:*walks over* Hey guys have you seen Glenn? Glenn: Glenn? NO I'm...*looks around* TREE! ~ Michonne: Iris suddenly becomes black...I'M MICHOOOONE &...

  • Fears of the dead

    Posted October 30, 2016 by Kenny Gurl

    The roar of thunder startled him. He jumped up into the air into her arms. "Enough Armano! That is the third time!!!" She said. "I know Kamiko, it is just so scarrry!" She rolled her eyes at him and they continued on the trail. The rain came down harder. "Lets find shelter. Come on Armano." They fou...

  • Not to Self: Fan Fics

    Posted October 30, 2016 by Sangwoo

    Okay.. I'm not entirely sure how to start this.. Maybe by stating what I'd like to post here? First thing's first..I write..Alot. Whethe that's fan fic or not. I am thinking about posting some (the anime related) fanfic I write here, in the blog section. But I am not sure yet? Maybe I'll post a prev...

  • newbie :)

    Posted October 29, 2016 by mishkah

    Hey everyone so im not really sure how this site works :)  but i hope its good :)

  • what

    Posted October 27, 2016 by Body the people Q

    Bunny blood covers the trees painting the forest red. Bears desperately hungry are feeding off the small and weak. Even the wolves couldnt fuck to the horrific imagery of the bears ripping everyone asunder. One wolf tried to speak to the bears but got impaled by a unicorn who later filled his corpse...

  • My plans for Halloween

    Posted October 26, 2016 by Kim

    So...NEXT year, I know it's far away but I already know, I want to do a pair costume with my friend as Sebastian and Ciel.

  • Rage

    Posted October 24, 2016 by Averyが泣いてる

    July 19th, 2136-entry 3I’m not sure how long I stayed in the cellar, but I know that I was lucky to have it. It consisted of two rooms, the main room and the toilet room that had actual running water due to a well my father had dug. If you walk down the stairs into the cellar, you are facing n...

  • Rage

    Posted October 24, 2016 by Averyが泣いてる

    Rage.Pt.2                                                 &n...

  • Rage

    Posted October 24, 2016 by Averyが泣いてる

    Rage The sound of a siren is heard, wailing through the city like a child who has lost their mother. In the background, a recorded message is heard, playing over and over…“We come here today to be united under a common threat, a threat that until today has been said to be undefeatable....

  • Would you like to help World of Anime grow?

    Posted October 24, 2016 by meeko

    Since 2009, World of Anime has grown - very slowly - from nothing into what I believe is the best, and friendliest community of anime fans on the internet. I would like to take the site and community to the next level, which involes the addition of many more features and upgraded server hardware. &...

  • the guardian friend

    Posted October 23, 2016 by Cheshire Panda

    you shoot your target first time, misses, second time, misses, third try, your luck is raised, it hits, you get the love of your life, the perfect one, news comes, your best friend left your state of existence, he was your guardian angel, your guardian friend, pain, depression, and revenge, is all y...

  • How to watch the Fate series

    Posted October 22, 2016 by Haru Kuro-kun

    To start off I'm going to give a small introduction into what exactly is the fate series.   The whole plot revolves around the Holy Grail War, a competition between 7 Mages to obtain the Holy Grail in which they summon heroic spirits(heroes from different periods in time Like for example Thor...

  • Story Time with Aqua: The War of Blood and Roses Part 2

    Posted October 22, 2016 by Aqua

    After crossing the border that day our lives became dangerous once again, unable to stay in one place for long we had to keep moving. Our group now consisted of Me, my friends Tom, Ethan, Ryan, Sofia and the girl I am in love with Lillian. The six of us were always noticed by locals and had to alway...

  • Crazy Expirament

    Posted October 22, 2016 by Nelly-sama^[]^

    I was playing with a glue in my hand i keep putting glue in my hand then when it dries i peel it off then i like how it glows after i peel it off so i got a very strange idea i purchase a lotion that has a glow effect and another glue when i got home i put the glue at my left leg and on the right le...

  • A dream

    Posted October 21, 2016 by ✧:°. Little Sweet Devil .°:✧

    If she had wings, she would fly away. Far away, where she could be free. Far away of the people that chain her down... And far away where she could be happy. But reality hit her already as small... Was born in the darkness, and will stay in darkness... Chained down reaching out for light that ...

  • Story Time with Aqua: The War of Blood and Roses

    Posted October 21, 2016 by Aqua

    My life was great, I had lots of friends, a girl I like and even a good education. Nothing would make my life any better, but worse it did get. The 19th of December, 2020 was the date when my life got a turn for the worst. War broke out between America and Europe, no one really knew the cause of it,...

  • Poison

    Posted October 21, 2016 by ✧:°. Little Sweet Devil .°:✧

    Trying to convince her... To believe she's not right in the head. And she almost believed it was true... But she doesn't want to give up.   Your words linger on her mind, making her go insane, and you point out your finger like she's the one to blame... Like a snake lingering around he...

  • My Fantasy

    Posted October 21, 2016 by Kenny Gurl

    My heart was racing as I ran,  afraid of what would happen if I would stop. I heard the thumping of Large feet and the Loud, Deep breaths behind me. I looked nowhere but forward when I saw the barrier, "If  I could just cross I will be ok" i though to myself as my feet keep going. And then...

  • Daughers if Cacoshis.

    Posted October 21, 2016 by Happy the Blue Cat

    Let us return a little back in time, just a couple of days, when the neighbour of Empire, Kingdom Cacoshis, in the grave fear before the Raguard's army, decide to send as hostages into Capital of Empire... his own daughters, Sherufaniel and Angelina. Sisters should live in Capital and Empire should ...

  • Bloody taxes

    Posted October 21, 2016 by Happy the Blue Cat

    The village of Gotahl have not so much money, so the desicion of new mayor to double taxes could left people without money and food... Elder of village tryed to pray for mercy, but Gizarof was unshakeble. Villagers decided not to pay taxes, but this was the tratory of Empire, and if mayor knows abou...

  • hi

    Posted October 20, 2016 by Alice Linddell

    Today I went to go check out a crime scene and turning out the Butcher killed the cook because she left him.  The Butcher name is Seth Green. I I need a team of spys and cops to help me with this case im hiring  

  • Story time with Aqua

    Posted October 20, 2016 by Aqua

    It was a normal friday evening, I walked back home from school as usual following my normal route. As i passed by many people on the street I finally reached the park near my house. This park is where I would always go before coming home, to find peace I guess. I enjoyed the cool evening breeze and ...

  • Fanfiction

    Posted October 20, 2016 by shadow warrior queen

    I smack into someone RIGHT after going outside. "Oh! Arw you alright miss?" . I look up confused and an elfish looking person is reaching down to help me up. "Im fine. Are you ok?" You ask him ." Yes." He replies ,and you try to implant what he looks like in your mind . Black hair,pale skin , and re...

  • Taxes by blood

    Posted October 20, 2016 by Happy the Blue Cat

    So, this village were peaceful untill new mayor Gizarof not decide to double taxes. Just for what? No one in village know... That day Elder of Gotahl tryed to stop tax collectors... He and his son Ricky and step son Landius gave theit answer... By drawing swords... Who knows that it is all was in pl...

  • Anime Review-Servamp

    Posted October 17, 2016 by Okami Otaku

    **Spoiler Warning** I saw an edit from Servamp on Vine and decided to check it out. At first I really enjoyed it. The story had a good pace and only revealed things as need. Then it was over. Honestly I felt after episode 10/12 the story was rushed and most of the episode was explanations.  ...

  • A piece of a quiet heart

    Posted October 14, 2016 by ✧:°. Little Sweet Devil .°:✧

    There's sometimes a war inside her head...Sometimes she wish that she was dead. Broken deep down...And you keep repeating, "There must be something wrong in your head."Ever since she was a kid you been repeating, started by whispering...But she always heard.You shouldn't underestimate kids to not un...

  • Oregairu (Fan made finale)

    Posted October 8, 2016 by -Mari-

    As I entered the door to the clubroom, I could see Yukinoshita standing next to the table, in her hands she carried the tray of washed cups and the teapot. She wore a confused expression upon seeing me, her eyebrow rose in question yet she nodded, motioning me to enter. “Hikigaya-kun? Why are yo...

  • Introducing Birthdays!

    Posted October 6, 2016 by meeko

    When you are on the main homepage now, you will notice a new link underneath your profile picture for "Birthdays"   This link takes you to a page showing the birthdays of all of your friends (if they have provided it, of course)  There's also a handy link to send them a message to wish t...

  • Introducing the Drama Club

    Posted October 5, 2016 by meeko

    I know a lot of you have been annoyed lately at all the drama that is appearing in the main feed. The problem is that the main feed shows everything from everyone's public posts, and even if you block someone, you still see their comments in the main feed. Blocking just prevents them from sending yo...

  • my kik

    Posted October 4, 2016 by black heart ( Shadow King )

    This is my kik name if you want to talk to me then here you go . Kik name: Black.heart1124

  • this song surprised me [alt rock]

    Posted October 1, 2016 by CC

  • Announcing My New Project - a Sister Site to World of Anime

    Posted September 29, 2016 by meeko

    In my last post, I outlined my desires for having a World of Anime revival.  I mentioned that the need for moderators was going to be discussed, which I am going to get to now. First of all, I have been testing the built in moderation system for the software package that World of Anime uses, a...

  • Devil's dance

    Posted September 29, 2016 by ✧:°. Little Sweet Devil .°:✧

    So sweet. But so full of poison... So dangerous that kill. It's a pretty sound, a little dance. A game so tempting. Once eyes meet, you can't turn away. You already are in the game and there's no backing. But you dance it so well and so willing. And once music stops, you are so greedy. Show your own...

  • World Of Anime Revival - First Step

    Posted September 28, 2016 by meeko

    Do you remember how World of Anime used to be?  Do you long for those days when we had the most awesome community of anime fans?  One thing I used to always be proud of World of Anime was that even though we weren't the largest collection of anime fans on the Internet, we were the friendli...

  • The Beginning

    Posted September 26, 2016 by Bunny

    She opened her eyes slowly, everything spinning around her. People looking down at her, dressed in clothing she didn't quite recognize.  She was dizzy and she could feel them grabbing at her arms. She could see they were yelling something now. Something she couldn’t hear but, she knew it ...

  • Bakemonogatari

    Posted September 25, 2016 by Nidhoggr

        I finally got around to watching the anime Bakemonogatri, I had heard a lot of people praise it but the summaries I read of it made it seem unimpressive.  Having finally watched it my impression of it changed as the series progressed.  At first I was unimpressed by the a...

  • Fanfiction

    Posted September 21, 2016 by shadow warrior queen

    " why is it so BRIGHT!?"i said as i threw off my covers and looked out of my window " I never get up during the day...AND WHAT IS THAT!!" I stared in shock at the world i jad never seen bathed in light . I ran outside to greet this strange world Part two coming soon

  • Reflection

    Posted September 20, 2016 by ✧:°. Little Sweet Devil .°:✧

    She gives the wrong image of herself. Like a mirror, full of lies. Like she's there but she's not. Behind it all she's weak. Her mirror cries while she holds her face calm. It screams but nobody hears. And there's nobody to save her. Two faces so similar, but expressions so different... One lie, one...

  • Please complete this field - it is required

    Posted September 19, 2016 by Loly Lily

    So I decided to write a blog on woa. The whole premise just felt comforting. A little spot on the internet where you could write what you want without really worrying if someone is going to read it since, let's be honest with ourselves, no one ever reads these things anyways. This site is almost com...

  • Quiet soul

    Posted September 16, 2016 by ✧:°. Little Sweet Devil .°:✧

    One girl. One world. But nobody see her world. Walking her path alone, holding her heart tightly in her hand... Holding so tight that it hurts. Slowly crushing it... Choking by own hands... Time flowing slowly as people walk past. Seeing nothing. A heart so white turned to black... Covered in wounds...

  • Fanfiction

    Posted September 11, 2016 by shadow warrior queen

    I am going to start writing fanfictions on here so if anyone has any idea for one just ask me and I'll see what i can do about it

  • new app

    Posted September 8, 2016 by black heart ( Shadow King )

    okay everyone there is a new app i am on if you want to get a hold of me it is called chatgum it is for phones and tablet  who ever has a phone or tablet should try it out

  • Ultra Uke Today

    Posted August 17, 2016 by Luke (the rainbow pastel ranger)

    Baka!... Oh welcome to Ulta Uke Today. now if your like me you know about Yaoi or BL (Boy's Love) manga then you  about manga such as Love Stage! and 10 count and OMG How cute are these Seme's i mean hell Ten counts' creator Ika-Sensei fangirled over her own creation...But for now this is ...

  • Erased isn't good but that's just my opinion

    Posted August 12, 2016 by Andres

    I don't understand why this anime got so much hype, the plot and premises was interesting for like 5 episode then it lost it's magic and became very boring and lack lustre. The mystery wan't good and the motives of the killer were just so generic and felt only had one minute of thought put into it, ...

  • SAO is bad but better than the asterisk war XD

    Posted August 7, 2016 by Andres

    Yea I said it XD

  • Hey, long time no see

    Posted July 31, 2016 by Grelly

    Hey everyone, it's been a while. First off, I want to apologize to the friends I lost contact with, it really wasn't my intention to leave you hanging. Things just got super hectic after I moved out. First I wasn't on because I had to focus on school, then I moved again, and now I'm preoccupied with...

  • My top 10 anime

    Posted July 26, 2016 by Neko Princess Ricki

    Just thought I'd share what my top 10 anime are and why. 1.   Sailor Moon  I'm pretty sure SM was the very first anime I ever watched as a kid.   However, I only got to see a few episodes before Cartoon Network took it off.   So throughout the rest of my childhood I completely ...

  • Percy Jackson pics

    Posted July 25, 2016 by Kagome

    I was looking up funny pics of Percy Jackson, one of them was if a human is 78pecent human can't Percy control then?

  • 7 anime that I am so happy I haven't missed

    Posted July 25, 2016 by Amelie

    Today a few classics I am sooo happy I haven't missed. Caught in middle of new productions being released every few months, it's easy to forget about anime classics. The art of anime has a long and rich history in Japan, so it's only fair that anime lovers reach for older productions that might be b...

  • Mixed feelings about Tokyo Ghoul

    Posted July 20, 2016 by Amelie

    Hi everybody! I wanted to share some of my thoughts with you about Tokyo Ghoul which I have only recently seen (yeah yeah, I know I am not very up-to-date :D ). Before watching TG I have heard a few very good opinions about it so I was very excited to finally watch it... And... Yeah, don't get me ...

  • Welcome to the S.R.T.! [Semi's blog kicks off]

    Posted July 12, 2016 by Sємι. ♡

    ... with a Steins;Gate review. Duh. My first EVER review, so I'd like lots of comments and critical shit. Pretty please?  (っ◔◡◔)っ ♥       Title: Steins;Gate   Synopsis: After college student and self-proclaimed "mad scientist" Rintarou Okabe manages to develop ...

  • Fact

    Posted July 12, 2016 by Black Leg Sanji

    Did you Know?   In 1987,A Man was born with Two Legs

  • Hi everybody

    Posted July 12, 2016 by Amelie

    I just thought that I should say hi to the community! Welcome everybody :)  I am Amelie Nice to meet you all :)

  • Fate/Stay Night: Heaven's Feel

    Posted July 11, 2016 by Nidhoggr

         I've just read that the animated movie for Fate/Stay Night Heaven's Feel will actually be split into three movies.  For those who are unaware, Fate/Stay Night is based on a visual novel that had three story routes.  The 2006 Fate Stay Night was mostly the Fate rout...

  • Everything about anime

    Posted July 9, 2016 by Dylan siegel

    Hello everyone I'm new here I starting this blog to make some friends and also for updates on my YouTube channel will be post links every time a video is uploaded. Hope you follow my read manga and comics channel and more.

  • really love story by djnara

    Posted July 1, 2016 by djnara

    So this is how I met the girl I of my dreams it was a late night and me and my friend's we're just done getting ready to go to our first high school party which is lame cuz we was already Sophomore we all get into Nick car his family rich so he and he the only one with a car so we drive from my plac...

  • albionmall

    Posted June 27, 2016 by Karri M. Vachon

    This phrase of testing I mainly focused on AO Gold mount crafting (trollface...thats been made harder thx Albion) now mount crafting was always expensive and timely. The reason I was successful this time around was because I mass grew, mass bought, and sold them barely over the cost they were to mak...

  • The Partnership in Learning

    Posted June 22, 2016 by Vanessa Ford

    The ideologies in learning must be tested in real time. The student must be ready to go the extra mile and resolve to meet all the set expectations. You must be willing to work your way to the top grades. If you take your time to learn, you can effectively meet the set standards. You can be efficien...

  • Nike Air Max 2015 Weiß Volt Schwarz Herren Trendschuhe Billig

    Posted June 22, 2016 by hee

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  • The train.

    Posted June 18, 2016 by Z33P

    I'm gonna get it. That's right. It's mine. How? I'll take it. With what? This childish mind of course. Confused? You will be. Now take a step back. Why? The bombs about to explode. Explain? Not my job... Get it together. Together right now. How? I don't know. But get it together somehow. Because ...

  • Reduziert Nike Air Huarache Damen Rosa Blumen

    Posted June 18, 2016 by choi

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    Posted June 17, 2016 by kwon

    Tonal Grau- Ebene, um die obere mit African American und blau liefert leistungsstarke Dekorationen. Geblichen Anker diese Zwischensohle und sanft umhüllt die Umwelt Einheit wieder hinein. Geben Sie für die Umwelt so weit wie zart zu treten herausgreifen Nike Stores auf der ganzen Welt in a...

  • Mooie Herenschoenen Nike - Air Max 90 Premium King of The Mount

    Posted June 16, 2016 by jiyoung

    Hoewel het gebruik van Geel is een beetje zomerse dit soort kleurstellingen zijn zeer op cue om het aanpassen van maanden. De gereinigde daar palet bestaat uit Gray, Maroon, Donkerblauw evenals Pink via een set ook het creëren van een fleece net als offline samen de top. Buckskin evenals su&egr...

  • Truth was...

    Posted June 13, 2016 by Sayaηov

    "The truth was, I didn't want to relax, I didn't want to settle down. And I sure as hell didn't want to be sober. I wanted to feel free and with you, as I once did, seemingly not long ago. When I would catch you trying to sneak looks and possibly fantasy. I missed the rush of feeling accepted amongs...

  • Tell me

    Posted June 10, 2016 by Z33P

    Tell me why! Why does the brain focus on so much unimportant material? All my questions all my concerns? They are simply just pointless ideas that I base off of already discovered methods of success. I simply copy another's work and twist it and call it my own. Tell me do you care? What is it th...

  • Confusion

    Posted June 10, 2016 by Z33P

    Why do you feel the need to hate the world? Why do you feel the need to be elite? Why do you feel the need to hurt? Why do you have to retaliate? Why do you feel the need to attack others? Do you gain happiness from it? Do you find your answers solved when you make a mockery of someone? Do you need ...

  • My art

    Posted June 10, 2016 by Z33P

    Can life be as simple as money do and kindness don't? Does trust end when innocence turns to lust? Do I catch love with holes in my glove? Will friends turn to enemies when greed becomes all that we need? Does my physical state really define my entirety? Do I have to watch as I fall? Who, when I'm d...

  • Random Writing

    Posted June 10, 2016 by SenaKawa

    "Iv'e been waiting for you Lady Fortez" The females voice rang out in the open grounds around them, far enough from the human population so no one would get hurt yet the large brick buildings that were once used to manufacture machinery still stood on the grounds. It was like a vast waist land that ...

  • Hold my hand.

    Posted June 10, 2016 by SenaKawa

    Hold my hand. Thats all you have to do. Hold my hand, Ill be waiting for you. Hold my hand, It only takes two. Hold my hand , Im there for you. Hold my hand, Im right beside you. Hold my hand, If I tell you too. Hold my hand, You'll be safe and warm Hold my hand. Just Hold my hand. H...

  • See through the eyes.

    Posted June 8, 2016 by SenaKawa

    See through the eyes of a open heart, Ones life beings with a single spark. Dont look but see, For once again you will find me. Feel with your heart, It's not the lesser part, Let it speak and open apart. Listen with your ears, Dont just hear, Part of you will always fear. But if you see n...

  • Commander Vente Chaussures Femme Nike Sportswear - Air Max 90 F

    Posted June 7, 2016 by sawadika

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  • lifes window of a single gamer

    Posted June 7, 2016 by Nastu Oni Kaze

    life is dull and broing looking out the window i see coplues everywhere even in anime when did i get so warped up in dating and why do i only feel so alive when i have somone one to hold why is the world so black and white i can ask this stuff all day as i stare at people who smile freely outside th...

  • Storytime.~

    Posted June 7, 2016 by §{Sayoko Kyouko}§❣~

    Guys this is my new story time blog!!~~~~~~

  • Simple Step Get Bathmate Discount Code

    Posted June 7, 2016 by dimas

    Searching for the Bathmate coupon code? Then you have come to the right page for the answer, it can be frustrated during the buying process, especially when you about the checkout and noticed there’s a coupon code box but not able to find any a valid code everywhere. The good news is you had f...

  • Short story "Luna"

    Posted June 3, 2016 by Blake

    Hey, so this was requested to get put up, so here we are :)  Let me know what you think!     Sept 23 2055   Entry no 206   Luna, have you ever thought about what it’s like to be alone? It never once bothered me in the past. Actually, I’d say I used to qui...

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    Posted June 2, 2016 by kwonminah0602

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  • Stats question about games, please help

    Posted May 31, 2016 by Grelly

    Survey is here, only one question   I was unable to ask who I intended to so, I really need your guys' help to get at least ten replies. Thank you :)

  • Hi

    Posted May 30, 2016 by Miku Hatsune Kitty Meow

    HI Everyone I was gone for two half weeks, I went to see the amazing  things. I went to the giant RedWoods, and I saw the log where they filmed Star Wars return of the Jedi and when they filemed Jerssica Park also. So cool, I'm back home now, I'll try hard to get back on here agian. anyways I h...

  • Sooooo

    Posted May 27, 2016 by Sammy

    I have a yaoi problem...completely obsessed with it, especially GokuxVegeta AND TurlesxGoku...Been ready WAY too many fanfictions about both of those paring... Not only that, but I swear I have too many cats XD I have four of them and I have a cat problem but I just can't help it because they're jus...

  • THE Metal-Safe, Handy as well as Efficient Carbonate Size Elimi

    Posted May 26, 2016 by Alston

    Just about all compound fertilizer for sale which touch without treatment drinking water within procedures including warmth move tend to be vunerable to depositing associated with carbonate weighing scales. The total amount as well as kind of size transferred upon warmth trade areas is determined by...

  • My Life.....

    Posted May 23, 2016 by Kousaka Honoka

    I went to school today....and I confessed my feeling with a letter. (Yes, anime taught me that). But the thing is, I gave the confession letter to a GIRL! I never thought it was possible for me. Until...I found out that I was Bi. I thought our friendship was ruined, but it wasn't. WOOHOO! But now, I...

  • Story

    Posted May 22, 2016 by Sammy

    Hey there everyone! I'm currently working on a GokuxVegeta fanfiction. If you guys like that paring and yaoi, let me know and I'll either post the link to the story or post the first chapter on here! If you don't like that paring or yaoi then there's no need to be rude, but if do like them, then let...

  • No! Just friends, please!!!

    Posted May 21, 2016 by ParallelMoon

    Another random thought: I sometimes feel lonely and wish to connect with others on a deep and philosophical way... or simply to laugh about fart jokes. ^w^ It's most annoying when people my age or older suggest that I join a dating service. Um, no... I'm not looking for groin-y. I know where to fi...

  • Untitled (Old writing piece)

    Posted May 21, 2016 by Sayaηov

    Some writer's notes beforehand!! First off...I've gotta say, I'm 50% proud and just as equally 50% embarrassed by this low-brow manga-based piece right here! But hey! I was 14 when I wrote this-MAYBE younger..So it can't be that bad, riight? Anyway, enjoy some Introduction to something I wrote YEARS...

  • Rhiannon (Short)

    Posted May 21, 2016 by Sayaηov

    'From a tender age, I knew I was loved. I could feel it. They would murmur it with funny or soft emotional faces every day, until I grew to obtain the knowledge of words. Then they would tell me.      'From an early age, I felt I was different. Every child experiences it, but I d...

  • Nerd Shopping!

    Posted May 19, 2016 by ParallelMoon

    My family often has a hard time shopping gifts for me, even though I'm not materialistic whatsoever. I accept any gift, within reason (for example, no pink dresses or anything girly like that, please!), as I'm appreciative and can make use out of almost anything (not the pink dress... that...

  • Troll Queen (Poem)

    Posted May 17, 2016 by Sayaηov

    A nasty old trollWho lives over a hillShe was miserable to allWho fell victim to her chillBut one day she will learnIf not from meThen from youThat her life is cheap woodworkOur happiness; trueWhich may explain why she is so miserableGurgled orders left and rightIt's not us who are the problemIt's h...

  • The Wolfing (Poem)

    Posted May 17, 2016 by Sayaηov

    Hopeful for the wolfingTake a trip downmake me madKeep the plan straight darlingDon't confuse meSouth road bound& in the morning's comingPlant a kiss tokeep me knownFor every new day's maddeningSay some wordsto keep me home

  • Oh, hi... ^_^

    Posted May 14, 2016 by ParallelMoon

    Don't mind me... I'm just introducing myself here. ;^_^> I'm a bit nervous, as it's been a long while since I've tried a forum like this. I am an akward woman (to say the very least and I'm just looking for good conversations about anime or life in general... or video games, movies, writing, mus...

  • Ohey- An introduction, if I may...

    Posted May 9, 2016 by Sayaηov

         I feel as though it wouldn't be right until I somewhat introduced myself to the communnity. So hello!I stumbled upon this site a few days ago while at work, and I've got to say- really enjoying what I've seen so far. Everyone seems so friendly and eager to help out, which is alwa...

  • Evangelion 3.33

    Posted May 7, 2016 by Nidhoggr

    Just seen Evangelion 3.33 You can (not) redo, and in typical Evangelion style they don't explain at all what's going on. I'm used to that, and trying to figure it out is part of the fun of Evangelion. However 3.33 sets new records, I understood it for the most part for about two-thirds of the movie....

  • Life

    Posted May 1, 2016 by Juvia Lockser

    What is life? For me life is work. Since the age of around 6 you go through all the years of school and then you have college after college you work until you retire and then you die. Does that sound fulfilling ? You say no but the memories are what count. What is your ideal of a friend? Is it some ...

  • superman strength realisation

    Posted April 25, 2016 by The Don Emperor

    for those that are about to read this, if you're ignorant about this character and what i mean by that is that you've only seen movies and shows? yeah don't comment about how he's boring because you've seen horrible depictions of him. TRUST ME AS A COMIC READER.   this has bugged me for a whi...

  • My Adventures With Anime

    Posted April 10, 2016 by RainakoLover23

    Please Note: This was previsouly posted on my LJ account for February Fandom Fest but I thought I should share it here also since it's basically the story of how I got into Anime and such.   As of right now I have fallen in love all over again with Anime oddly enough with what started my lo...

  • Life with Migi

    Posted April 7, 2016 by Shinichi Izumi

    For those of you who still don't know of Migi, well migi is migi. I cannot tell you much about him -mostly it's confidential. Here's a quick picture for you if you really must see them to understand ...  still like him?    If you want him as a pet or friend think again. ...

  • Canada Chills

    Posted April 5, 2016 by Shinichi Izumi

    It is very cold here in Canada, who has summer right know please share? So changed my profile already a bit haha, you can still call me 'Leo' or shinichi whatever you wish. I get bored of profiles after a while but needed a quick change lol. Anyways keeping these short for now.    Since...

  • LIFE

    Posted April 5, 2016 by black heart ( Shadow King )


  • Greetings

    Posted April 4, 2016 by Shinichi Izumi

    I'll keep this short for everyone. Hello this is Leonardo Watch. I am usually in character please forgive me, I sat in Kekkei Sensen, or Blood Blockade Battlefront. Which ever title you prefer.  I gave up my sight for my sister ... However I 'see' just fine. -If that doesn't bore you, I'd lin...

  • Konha High part 02

    Posted March 29, 2016 by Sasora Usui

    Twelve weeks have gone by sence I started Konoha High. "Itachi,Sasuke I'm home." "okay." "Sasuke what are you doing." "Packing." "For." "Uncle Madara is not feel well and fell down at home abd fainted for two days until someone found him." "WHAT." "He's fine now Sasuke and I are going to take care o...

  • Konha High

    Posted March 28, 2016 by Sasora Usui

    "Okay it's my first day at a new school don't panci it's all okay". My Sasora Uchiha . i'm 15 years old .Nice to met you all. today I entered a new school with my borthers were going for awhile now.After our parents deied my older borther Itachi started taking care of my twin brother Sasuke and I. &...

  • How the NerveGear Could Be made!! (Sword Art Online)

    Posted March 27, 2016 by TheRogueAsian

    Im Not the greatest writer and I did not put the max effort and This is being produced by a 12 yr old so don't Expect to much from me.. XD Nerve Gear What is it Exactly? The NerveGear Is a VRMMO (Virtual Reality Massive Multiplayer Online) Gate way Helmet. Which enables humans to access the virtua...

  • sasodei yaoi part 03

    Posted March 11, 2016 by Sasora Usui

    "What's that it looks like one of Deidara's clag birds".Sasori took the bird  and he found a note."Danna help me i was hurt really bady came quick i  might die"."Deidara needs help". Sasori rushed to help Deidara."Sasori-senpie were are you going "."Not now Tobi". he rushed threw the woods...

  • RolePlay

    Posted March 7, 2016 by Chantal

    Hello,and Welcome to my Role Playing page. You can role play with eachother on this page. No Disturbing or Sexual behavior is aloud in this Role Play.  Topics:Highschool,Fantasy,Family,Animals,School Romance,College Life,SuperNatural Beings,Fighting,ect Both Genders can join in the conversati...

  • SasoDei The mission

    Posted March 7, 2016 by Sasora Usui

    "Deidara get up". "What.......give me ........". "that lazy son of a bitch. GET UP". "I'm up what is ways the fire". "There is on fire asshole I'm sending you on a mission"."ok sure leader-sama I'll wake up Danna". "No you go along now get". "AAAAHHH FINE". Deidara leaft the akatsuki hideout and did...

  • Devil May Cry: Bloodties Chapter 1 PROLOGUE

    Posted March 7, 2016 by мιкє¢нυ》

    Prologue. "So you've decided to come to Fortuna for the first time? What a surprise, I thought you were going to stay in the Americas for a while longer," The butler looked at her with a mischievous smile. "Need any boys because it seems I can get you some!" Violetta turned her gaze to him quickly ...

  • ara's nana's jasper's and couple theme songs....

    Posted March 6, 2016 by yutaka and kaito jasper and arabella’s theme songs Nana and Ciel’s Theme Songs

  • SasDei

    Posted March 1, 2016 by Sasora Usui

    "DANNA" a blonde yelled. "I said i don't want to hear it" a red head yelled. "Whats your problem". "Whats my proble is that I even leave our room with out the members flirting away with you". "That,danna are you mad that Hidan and Iwere talking.We'er just friends and nothing more." "...

  • fnaf melody's story

    Posted February 28, 2016 by yutaka and kaito

    Fnaf Fanfic Melody's Story     “Mom i'm bored” a girl said whispering. “well try to have fun, it’s your brother’s birthday after all” the mom said. “hi, we have a new special place for kids like you” a guy in purple said smiling. &...

  • Love?

    Posted February 24, 2016 by HidekoGinga

    You Make Me Happy, You Make Me Smile, You Make Me Feel Stupid, You Make Me Feel Like A Child   You Make Me Depressed, You Make Me Cut, All because,  You left the door shut   You pushed me away, Like you had nothing to say, But My Hearts still beating, In fact it's racing,...

  • Blade and Soul Leveling Tips

    Posted February 23, 2016 by niyafeng

    1. The first day of the desired upgrade level, probably would be more tired Please appropriate game.2. Members can purchase sword of the Spirit reduce queuing time.3. The obtained venom Dragon Forest Dragon Forest area daily tasks; Demon hole copy and bright green village warehouse randomly drop a c...

  • Ticking

    Posted February 22, 2016 by Hiruma

    “Tick Tock Tick Tock”   There it is again. The clock from nowhere. I’ve heard the clock since I was young. Sometimes in other people, and when they noticed I heard it as well they would cry. I never knew why they cried, but I think I understand.   In the beginning it ...

  • The Room

    Posted February 20, 2016 by Hiruma

    I sat in a small white room. Unseemingly cramped even though I sat alone. I wanted to stand to see what was beyond the white, double-doors across the room but my body would not listen to my demands. As I sat in the room, looking around, noticing all the detailed indentions on the wall it reminded me...

  • Anime lover

    Posted February 12, 2016 by Kirito kun

    I'm the lover of anime!!!!!

  • My endless stagnation

    Posted February 11, 2016 by Blake

    You know, I think that the reason that I, along with many other people get strung away with anime, is because of the passion and drive of the characters. It's insane. To many of us, it's a drive that we have never seen in our lives, from the lives of those around us, or ourselves. So we get consumed...

  • why anime is my everything

    Posted February 9, 2016 by ali

    when i was 5 i discovered anie i would draw pictures of animals like this one at the bottom i never really thought about why i loved it but one day someone asked me why i loved the "cartoon thing " i blew up and screamed at the top of my lungs  ITS NOT A CARTOON ITS CALLED ANIME YOU LITTLE WIRE...

  • Fairy tail

    Posted February 7, 2016 by Aurora Gajeel Redfox

    Il Regno di Fiore è un paese neutrale di diciassette milioni di abitanti: in questa nazione la magia è comprata e venduta come una merce qualsiasi ed è parte integrante della vita quotidiana della popolazione. Di quest'ultima però solo una parte, il 10...

  • Episode 1 of my Horror Flick series - Teaser Preview now Up On

    Posted February 6, 2016 by Emmaline

    VIDEO LINK HERE:   Teaser Preview of Episode 1 of my Horror Flick Drama Series is finally here. Full Episode of "I am Silent" WILL be posted later this Month. *:・゚✧*:・゚✧*:・゚✧*:・゚✧*:・゚✧*:・゚✧*:・゚✧*:・゚✧Jaden Wenston is Back after 11 Years of Slumber...

  • New Death Note Series on YouTube

    Posted February 5, 2016 by Rattle Zing

    There is a new Death Note series and it's based a few years after Light Yagami's Death. A new Kira has emerged and detective Y is on the case! Here is the link to the series: Death Note New Series!

  • Romance that was never in the animes

    Posted February 3, 2016 by Clare The Box Model

    Sometimes I will sit read hentai comics or Dojins just so I could screen shot characters having romantic scenes with each other that never happened in the animes.    I know it's kinda odd but to have cute pics like this is worth it :)     It's even cool seeing characte...

  • HighSchool Rant

    Posted January 30, 2016 by Geethatsawkward

    As I walk down the halls of my beloved highschool, I notice that sophomores couples can't seem to keep their hands off each other!! Like WTF? If you are a sophomore, Junior,or a senior couple trying to make up and give each other hickeys in the hallway! GET A ROOM YOU BASTARDS!!! Damn, just because ...

  • the kamisama kiss twins's backstory READ PLESE

    Posted January 29, 2016 by yutaka and kaito

    A long time ago like 20 years before i was born my dad tomoe fell in love with a human girl named nanami after that they had me and my brother our mom was very worried because we grew slowly our dad he never said a thing about his childhood, and always made me stop crying you can call me daddy&rsquo...

  • 100 YouTube Subscribers?! New Videos!

    Posted January 28, 2016 by Emmaline

    OH MY GOD. I...I HIT 100 SUBSCRIBERS ON..MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL!?   I AM SO HAPPY HOLY CRAP!!!  THIS IS..I CANT EVEN TO EVEN RIGHT NOW!!   I know I will do something for this of course!!  I know that I need to upload the vidoes from the Sacanime 2016 Winter Con videos I rec...

  • Devil May Cry: Bloodties

    Posted January 28, 2016 by мιкє¢нυ》

    There are four characters of the bloodties series: Camille: A genius demonologist who know about demons and their whereabouts and a little human girl who has taken interest in studying demons and their powers. She was an orphan because her parents left her at an orphanage because their home was bei...

  • College

    Posted January 24, 2016 by Geethatsawkward

    As a starting college freshman this fall semester,I am trying to save up for college. I gave some tips on how you can as a college freshman, or if you're a higher grade level this can be helpful to you too. 1: Save as much money as you can for tuition,books,dorms/apartment rent. 2: Start a b...

  • Ghost In The Shell Review

    Posted January 23, 2016 by Arashi

    Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to an all new Anime and Review. Tonight folks I'm reviewing a movie from 1995 that movie is Ghost In The Shell. Now I've heard a lot about this movie and tonight I'm going to find out if its worth adding to your anime collection. Lets get started shall we? Plot: The fil...

  • Guilty Crown

    Posted January 22, 2016 by Victorique

    The story revolves around Shu Ouma, a high school boy who inadvertently obtains an ability called "The Power of the Kings" that enables him to draw out items called "Voids" from other people. He is then thrown into the conflict between a quasi-governmental organization known as the GHQ and a resi...

  • Why do I feel this way

    Posted January 21, 2016 by Hallie Taylor

    Why do I feel this way.... I feel so lonley like no one cares.... Why do I feel this way.... Why do I feel so empty inside.... Is it because No one cares.... Wait My family cares.... So why do I feel this way..... My friends care.... so why do I feel this way... Is it because I'm depressed....

  • devil may cry: welcome to the DMC world Joy

    Posted January 20, 2016 by мιкє¢нυ》

    Basically i'm writing this blog because I'm am a huge fan of devil may cry and secondly, I'm so ticked on why the new dante is so mean?! LOL he is not mean but I don't like him, but i like the old dante. Those cool jokes he used make from 1-4 were great. When i was 11, my friend had so much cool gam...

  • Quotes

    Posted January 19, 2016 by Hallie Taylor

    Hello its me Hallie some of the quote are from the internet and some I wrote myself (they will probably suck) "We were born to be real not perfect" "May my heart be kind,my mind fierce and my spirit brave" "Somtimes we just haved to let things go" "Somtimes the right path isn't the easies...

  • Writing random stuff about anime

    Posted January 17, 2016 by Hallie Taylor

    Hello everyone this is Hallie and this is my first entry anywho I would like to tell everyone why I like anime well thats easy because it makes me laugh,cry,and laugh again and it entertains me. I also like pairing up anime couples because I think even in anime everyone deserves someone who is there...

  • Riah's Random Rummage #2

    Posted January 10, 2016 by reallyriah

    Well kids, it's a NEW YEAR here, and I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays the past couple of weeks.  I listened to too much xmas music, ate too much food, and wrapped too many presents!     As I was saying, it's a new year, and a new year means new goals, new life choices, and ...

  • Question (hard)

    Posted January 5, 2016 by Everything Anime

     Hieeeeee, simon here! here is a question that you probably wont be able to get. When trapped inside sao, has asuna ever attacked with a slash, not a stab if so, where? 

  • Silent Tears

    Posted January 5, 2016 by WordsSpeakForThemselves^^

    Silent Tears---------------------------------------- Genre: Drama, Romance, School Life Allowed Age To Read : "16" The Name Of The Story: "Silent Tears" Planned Chapters: "1-10" (From, To) ------------------------------------------- Characters Main Characters: "1" Side Characters: "4" -----...

  • start

    Posted January 5, 2016 by Everything Anime

    hey guys, I'm simon. i am super new, but I have been watching anime since I was little. I just want to chat andthe reason I joined is to be with my fellow anime geeks, (if you know what i mean)and I will be doing a daily activity. I might be gone sometimes, and this might just be a one time thing. B...

  • The Princess and the Pilot

    Posted January 4, 2016 by Arashi

    Hope everyone had a Happy New Year! Welcome ladies and gentlemen to an all new Anime and Review. Tonight folks I will be reviewing a movie from 2011 that film is called The Princess and the Pilot. Will this movie soar above the skies or should it of been grounded? Lets find out!     Plo...

  • New Year's Resolution

    Posted January 4, 2016 by Levie

    Happy 2016 Everyone. With every new year there are new anime to be watched, new seasons to come out, and the best is new series to be aired. Yes we all know that we are interested in new series, but...let us not forget about our unfinished animes and the animes on our to-watch list. This year I am m...

  • Hey

    Posted January 3, 2016 by Miku Hatsune Kitty Meow

    Hi everyone, I hope everyone had a nice christmas and new year. HAPPY NEW YEAR AND YEAR 2016. I'm taking drawing requestes if you guys are insterated. I'm going to list some animes that i know if you guys want me to draw you. fell free to leave me a comment.   Naruto Digimon Anime Moon Phas...

  • Web Site Outages

    Posted January 2, 2016 by meeko

    For those of you who have been experiencing web site outages for the past day, this is due to a large scale DDoS attack that is being done to the web hosting provider that I use for the site.  They are working on mitigating the attack to restore all connectivity, but as the attack is conti...


    Posted December 31, 2015 by black heart ( Shadow King )

    plz everyone remimber all the USA troops over seas and all there allies that are with them and lets pray for there safe return to there homes and all so let remimber the ones how all so lost there lifes and there familys how is going throw this hard times . just remimber you are not alone we all are...

  • Project AKO Uncivil War OVA 2

    Posted December 29, 2015 by Arashi

    Hope everyone had a great Christmas! Welcome everyone to an all new Anime and Review. Tonight ladies and gentleman I'm reviewing the final Project A-KO film. That film is Project A-KO Uncivil War OVA Part 2 released in 1990. Will this be a great finale to the Project A-KO series or will it spell dis...

  • I need to find someone

    Posted December 27, 2015 by tim

    I need help finding someone. I dont know here username right now all I know is that it used to be Mr. Wiggles. If anyone finds her please tell me.

  • My Day today

    Posted December 26, 2015 by Emmaline

    Went to Target, Best Buy, Game stop and Walmart today on a shopping trip. Target I looked to see if they got any characters from Monster High I like. They do have one but the one I wanted to get, shes not there. Plus wanted to get the other Opperetta doll. So instead I got a Monster High Fright Mar...

  • Brand new Camera! Back in Filming!!

    Posted December 26, 2015 by Emmaline

    You heard right!  So while opening some presents, and got some really really neat ones too. I opened a present that was a camera bag.I did thought that they bought me a camera but I was like "wait a minute no dont get your hopes up now.." then I opened a box and there it is in all its...

  • Sword art online

    Posted December 22, 2015 by Rico Ottaviano

    Honestly, when is there going to be an anime version of season 3 (UW). There are light novels about it but its boring if you can't see anything. Could somebody please tell me when season 3 is going to be released.

  • need to get this shit off my chest

    Posted December 22, 2015 by The Don Emperor

    i've come to realise that when someone is this day and age anyway they aren't looking for someone to help....they're looking for someone who's just as depressed as they are so they can sympathise.....why i said that? because you may think you want someone to help you out of depressio...

  • *sigh*

    Posted December 21, 2015 by Emmaline

    I deleted my last post because honestly, I dont want everyone even those two think all i am here on my account is complain. I mean, everyone can let out whatever they had to get out of their chest. Stress, Grief, etc.Yeah me and my exfriend been well..not together as friends for a year now. Were bot...

  • Holiday Break

    Posted December 19, 2015 by Tsurugi

    Just a few more days, the most awaited event of the year is about to happen. First of all, I'm making this blog to keep my account active. Thus, I hope everyone will reconsider reading this. Not encouraging you all to read this though,  Just a week before the exact time today it has begun raini...

  • high school of the dead

    Posted December 17, 2015 by destiny

    has any one seen highschool of the dead season 2 because apparently season 2 is meant to come out before christmas plus there is a trailer to shoew there is a season 2 please notify me if you have sean season 2 just to keep me update xxxx thank you so much

  • Project AKO 4 FINAL

    Posted December 12, 2015 by Arashi

    Welcome everyone! Tonight I'm reviewing the final Project A-KO movie that was released in 1989.     Plot: In present day Iraq some archeologists find in a temple in Babylon with some apocalyptic symbols detailing the end of the world. It reads that an alien princess will be claimed and ...


    Posted December 12, 2015 by Miku Hatsune Kitty Meow

    Hi Everyone, I just wanted to tell you I got a sinus infecation, sick. but i'm feeling a little better. I hope Everyone has a Wonderful Christmas and New Year. I'm getting my tree tomorrow. I hope you guy could comment on blog. I'm glad i have friends like you.     Rin and Len Kagamine ...

  • Digimon Adventure Tri

    Posted December 11, 2015 by arba

    Digimon Adventure Tri is a new series or a continud series of Digimon Advennture and Digimon Adventure 02.Its a six film series and the first film was realesed in november 21st  2015 and the second one is going to be realesed in december 18 2015 the third one is going to be realesed in march 12...

  • Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri season 2

    Posted December 10, 2015 by black heart ( Shadow King )

    The broadcast of the new season of this anime began on July 3, 2015 on all leading Japanese channels such as AT-X, Mainichi Broadcasting System, Nippon BS Broadcasting Corporation, Tokyo MX and TV Aichi. The viewers will right away notice that this season directs them towards the new series Gate, th...

  • The Epiphany

    Posted December 9, 2015 by How_Stunning

    The hallway was dark, illuminated only by the white mist that turned to pink, then to darker shades of red with each step that Victor took. The only exit he could see was the wooden door with a metal frame as the end of the hall. Victor had not known how he landed here, nor did he remember why. All ...

  • usual code pictures to paste in

    Posted December 8, 2015 by Phirefli

    main background pic:    

  • Background

    Posted December 6, 2015 by §{Sayoko Kyouko}§❣~

    Sup guys <3 Can someone tell me how to change my background? I would appreciate the help ^^

  • Hi guuyss

    Posted December 6, 2015 by Ray Z

    Hajimemashite minna-san, i'm a newbie in this website i'm also indonesian gorl who likes anime and manga, and also i wanna be friends with you all ~~

  • Project A-KO 3 Cinderella Rhapsody

    Posted December 5, 2015 by Arashi

    Tonight I review the third film in the Project A-KO Saga from 1988 known as Project A-KO 3 Cinderella Rhapsody.     Story: A-ko decides to stop hanging around C-ko and plans to find a boyfriend. She goes to the clothing store only to find out that every dress there is expensive and that...


    Posted December 3, 2015 by The Don Emperor

    OK OK OK so bascially i'm like totally fangirling right now XD i just watched the third trailer for batman vs superman....i have to say i am hyped! dc kinda showed a bit too much and anyone who's seen the trailer will know what but hey! i'm still pumped for it!

  • New Member

    Posted November 29, 2015 by Tsurugi

    Hello! I'm a newbie here, or is it new member? Well, whatever. So yeah, I happened to be searching for some anime communities(active one's)then I found this site in the list of the searches Google provided. At first, I though it was a dead one. But, I didn't loss my hope I created an account and e...

  • Project A KO 2 Plot Of The Daitokuji Financial Group

    Posted November 28, 2015 by Arashi

    Tonight I'm reviewing Project Ako 2 The Plot of the Daitokuji Financial Group. This film was released in 1987 just one year after the original film.   Plot: Its been a while since the alien invasion that nearly destroyed the city and life seems to be getting back to normal or so it seems. The...

  • Hello

    Posted November 27, 2015 by Mari

    Well hello people of the internet :) I was feeling quite lonely so I decided to log back on to this website since I remember everyone here being very nice and welcoming, only to find that I forgot every last bit of info from my previous account. So I guess it's a chance at a new start and hopefully ...

  • Anime face sources!

    Posted November 27, 2015 by Danyea

    ◕‿◕✿) (◠‿◠✿) (◠﹏◠✿) (*^U^)人(≧V≦*)/ ôヮô ∧( ‘Θ’ )∧ (¤﹏¤) ●‿● ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ \(^○^)人(^○^)/ ヾ(@⌒▽⌒@)ノ (°∀°) ヾ| ̄ー ̄|ノ  (☉‿☉✿) ┏(^0^)┛┗(^0^) ┓   (◡‿◡✿) ✿◕ ‿ ◕✿  ヽ(‘ ∇‘ )ノ  ☆(❁‿❁)☆  ❀◕ ‿ ◕...

  • anime discussion:I HATE THE TOKYO MEW MEW ENGLISH DUB1

    Posted November 24, 2015 by Danyea

    I hate "Mew mew power" Theme song is really bad: just listen to the english and japanese; The is the english song:HHHORRIBLE:     AND THIS Is the orignal:MUCH MUCH BETTER:     And a freindly comparison:     Why 4kids pretty much ruined tokyo mew mew...

  • The Runaway project (episode 4)

    Posted November 21, 2015 by Jazmine

    The Runaway project (episode 4)   (this episode takes place in the morning) **the next morning** Jake: **looks at Caroline sleeping** I'll let her sleep **he gets up and walks around the woods** Caroline: **wakes up** eh? **yawns** where is he? Eh **sighs** hm if I can move fire maybe I ...

  • The Runaway project (episode 3)

    Posted November 21, 2015 by Jazmine

    The Runaway project (episode 3)   (this episode takes place when they make it to the woods) **they make it to the woods** Jake: **Stops running in a small clearing near the center of the woods and lays down**Here?. Caroline:  Ok **she gets off of him** it looks pretty safe anyway. ...

  • The runaway project(episode 2)

    Posted November 21, 2015 by Jazmine

    The Runaway project (episode 2)   (this is a continuation of episode 1 this takes place right after Jake told Caroline he's running away)   Caroline: eh! W-what? W-why?   Jake: I can't stand this place.. You wanna come **smiles**.   Caroline: W-what would we do?.  ...

  • The runaway project(episode 1)

    Posted November 21, 2015 by Jazmine

    The Runaway project (episode 1)   Caroline: *is writing in her journal, waiting for Jake to get out of detention*   Jake: *Sighs and walks out of the room* Hi Caroline.   Caroline: *jumps a little* oh *stands up* what did you do this time?   Jake: Mouthed off. A...

  • Heeeey, follow my tumblr blogs~ :3

    Posted November 14, 2015 by Emmaline

    Warning Before Reading: Please DO NOT Steal, Trace, Copy my artwork of mine in any shape and form.  I Absolutely DO NOT allow Art Theift at all what so ever. Resulting in doing such things, you will be reported immediantly. Art Theift is Illegal even selling artwork that is NOT YOURS is Ill...

  • Campione! (from Shizuka's perspective)

    Posted November 13, 2015 by Nidhoggr

         The anime Campione! is about a guy named Godou Kusanagi who kills a god and gains his powers, then uses those powers to fight other gods and other people who have also killed gods.  It's mostly an action harem anime with some comedy.  I like it, but just for fun le...

  • Project AKO Review

    Posted November 11, 2015 by Arashi

    Today I'm reviewing the 1986 science fiction parody film Project AKO. Sorry for being late on the review I was recovering from a virus that I got over the weekend, but now I'm better so on with the review. Plot: Sixteen years ago a meteor destroyed Graviton City completely wiping everything out and...

  • Why do we love anime

    Posted November 10, 2015 by akeem

    Hey guys I'm new hear I'm not so good with English so I will make this short. Why do we love anime? Well I'm sorry I don't know why you love anime. But I know why I love anime. For me anime is the only place where I find peace and joy it's like a another world. When I watch anime I don't just see it...

  • hi

    Posted November 10, 2015 by Miku Hatsune Kitty Meow

    Hi Everyone, I'm getting sexual abuse on here, so if you have any comments or comfort for me please comment me, or write me a message, I'm getting mad, upset and I don't like it, I told this person to stop it for a long time now and he won't stop. I don't want to block anyone, i'm here to talk about...

  • The End Of The Battle

    Posted November 10, 2015 by Bunny

    I stood there, my armor tattered and falling to peices. Fires raging on in the valley beneath me. The skies clouded and, my army deminished to nothing. Bodies laying everywhere, laying where there last breath was taken. Evidence of the budal battle strone about. I knew this would happen. Years of wa...

  • Why do we enjoy anime?

    Posted November 9, 2015 by John Smith

    -First of all, please excuse my english, I'm probably going ot make a lot of mistakes, since I'm actually from Spain. Thank you- Why we love anime is a question that has crossed the minds of many of us. I'm not going to say I know the exact answer, because it depends on each one's way of thi...

  • the long road

    Posted November 9, 2015 by black heart ( Shadow King )

    if things might seem hard all you have to do is keep pushing forward and dont look back all whys standed your ground and all ways believe in your self

  • Something I Just Thought About While in Class

    Posted November 9, 2015 by Xynna Vanfrietz Fitzgerald

    So I was in my research class and while I was dozing off an idea popped in my mind. Actually this idea was the reason why I found World of Anime in the first place.  I'm thinking of a roleplay I guess you could call it. Except that there'll be clans and these clans may either be against each o...

  • Porco Rosso Review

    Posted November 9, 2015 by Arashi

     Tonight I'm reviewing the 1992 anime movie Porco Rosso which was directed by Hayao Miyazaki. Plot: The film is about an Italian World War 1 Ace pilot who's a bounty hunter that chases pirates for a living. The pilots name is Porco Rosso. After his plane is badly damaged during a previous dogf...


    Posted November 7, 2015 by black heart ( Shadow King )

    PLZ  my freinds give me the support i need to me keep pushing forward so i can help my family and save them


    Posted November 6, 2015 by black heart ( Shadow King )


  • ont now what to do

    Posted November 4, 2015 by black heart ( Shadow King )

    i dont now what to do any more plz someone help me *crying* plz anybody i dont care how it is help me

  • Profile Codes 101: Backgrounds

    Posted November 1, 2015 by Sailor♥KittyMoon

    Profile Codes 101: Backgrounds Hello! My name is Sailor♥KittyMoon! I have only seen a few guides on how to change your profile and I have a lot of people ask me how to do it. So I wanted to make this really simple and easy guide to show you how to do it yourself!  I hope you find this u...

  • my kik mesg username

    Posted October 30, 2015 by black heart ( Shadow King )

    hey if anyone whats to mesg me on kik my username is black.heart1124 or mesg me on here for my real name

  • Im back

    Posted October 30, 2015 by black heart ( Shadow King )

    man it fills good to be back on the internet . so how has everyone been

  • New

    Posted October 30, 2015 by Jayda Davis

    So I recently watched an anime called Deadman Wonderland, and let me just say that was some crazy shit. If you haven't watched it please do, so you can understand what I'm saying. I also watched One Punch Man. That is such a funny but also crazy anime, I'm loving it so far

  • hey

    Posted October 27, 2015 by Miku Hatsune Kitty Meow

    Hi everyone, I worked out yesterday and i have really bad sore musules now. i hurt all over. ouch. well just wanted to let you guys know, im ok but hurt.   Rin and Len out.

  • Bratzmoviemaker Media Productions Update

    Posted October 26, 2015 by Emmaline

    Figuring out how to move my videos off of my new phone since it is an Iphone6s. I think there is a way but at the same time I do not know if it is. Well in any case I may do filming on my phone. However the big series like "I am Silent" and "Model Fever" plus the movie films "Missing Spirit" includi...

  • I love what I do

    Posted October 21, 2015 by Emmaline

    I am an artist I am a filmer and video editor I love to draw since I was 3 I love to film and edit videos since 2009 I loved anime and start drawing since 6th grade I loved collecting Bratz dolls because I think they are gorgeous I practiced drawing and drawn so much I filmed and filmed eve...

  • Help us reach 1,000 members

    Posted October 21, 2015 by meeko

    Hi everyone! I'd like to ask you all for some help. I would really like to try to reach 1,000 members on the new World of Anime by the end of this month. In order to do so, we need to average 33 new members per day for the next 11 days. This is possible, but I need your help to make it happen. &nbs...

  • what once was

    Posted October 20, 2015 by The Don Emperor

    in all the time i've been me and lived to see the world as i have, i've falling into hell more times than any young man should. from the perspective of myself. and because of that i've built an endless pit of hatred, mistrust, regret and lonliness, all so overwhelming it boils over and wraps around ...

  • My first blog entry on here

    Posted October 20, 2015 by Danyea

    hellow everyone! I love all kinds of anime socail networking sites(and other ones for that, matter). I go on plenty of socail networks(I HATE FB AND TWITTER,i have found useful alternatives to them Bronysqaure and I like cookies My first anime is sailor moon I ...

  • today, drowsy.

    Posted October 20, 2015 by titankiller3645

    Today i acually fell asleep in math. (u probubly dont believe me but i did) today should of gone worse, but it went good. In science we learnd about light!!!!(it was boring) Thats it. today was boring. the end.               &nbs...

  • Today. Monday.

    Posted October 19, 2015 by titankiller3645

     Today, is a horrible day. Im just that horrible pervert, that draw a picture of someone (no one in particular) only wearing a bra and underwear who has her hand behind her back and un-clipping her bra. They're threatining to tell who i like. Im ugly, and shes REALLY cute. I dont want her to fi...

  • Anime Fairy Tail: The Phoenix Priestess

    Posted October 19, 2015 by black heart ( Shadow King )

    hey guys i think you all should try out this movie Anime Fairy Tail: The Phoenix Priestess   it is really good and sad at the same time

  • Sleeping now

    Posted October 18, 2015 by Miku Hatsune Kitty Meow

    Well good night everyone

  • So HAPPY

    Posted October 18, 2015 by Miku Hatsune Kitty Meow

    Hi Everyone, Just wanted to let you know I got fifth place on my bowling tournament yesterday, I got accepted to Calforina state for bowling other words i'm going to State. I'm so happy, I Love Bowling, my couch calles it girl rule boys drule. hehe. anyways please leave me a comment.

  • life is a game

    Posted October 18, 2015 by ray

    Life is just a game its cruel abusive its worthless no rules no point and no purpose all crap. Unlike in anime or manga there is no excitement thrill or enything for that matter. But who is enyone kidding thats never going to change unless our world is anime. Unless someone changes that and steps...

  • Weekends only

    Posted October 18, 2015 by titankiller3645

    Well if ur reading this, u must be a good person. Because i watch anime to get away from life. I only wish it was real. That high school crap is really the stuff i wish was real. Because everyone likes eachother, and everyone is a nice person. Thats why im writing this. Because this world is a cruel...

  • Vidrarya Series

    Posted October 17, 2015 by Xezuuki

    Check out the Vidrarya Series I'm working on, it's currently in draft but it's worth and time! And you might be surprised! Suddenly a girl appear out of the crack of the space fabric, it was the girl from earlier, Vidararya, "Done here, I'll show you that these realities are not real and it's ju...

  • 2 Weeks Until Halloween

    Posted October 17, 2015 by meeko

    Can you believe that there's only 2 weeks left until Halloween?  If you have not got your costume yet, I would suggest checking out the following links for ideas:            

  • lost

    Posted October 16, 2015 by black heart ( Shadow King )

    well my hole family hates me now so why do i even try im just feeded up with it i guess there is only one why to get out of this hell i put myself

  • Stressed Out

    Posted October 15, 2015 by Emmaline

    ^ me at the moment..   I am pretty stressed out. Its not seemingly serious to some people but you know, I am allowed to speak my opinion and everyone has their own different kinds of stress so don't do the "Oh well people got other things to stress about because what your stressed about is ...

  • code

    Posted October 15, 2015 by Phirefli

    rgba(0, 241, 255, 0.34) *color for info on profile*

  • CONtv presents ‘Don’t Play with Dolls!’

    Posted October 14, 2015 by meeko

    Just a reminder, the second live stream for CreepCon will be Wednesday, October 14th! Last week’s showing was awesome, and they are expecting an even larger live crowd with more trivia, prizes and interactive chat with the hosts!   CONtv presents ‘Don’t Play with Dolls!&rsqu...

  • to all

    Posted October 11, 2015 by black heart ( Shadow King )

    hey guys i am going tro move so if i am not online for a bit that means i am moveing

  • Anime store

    Posted October 10, 2015 by onii-san

    hey everyone check out for cheap anime merch thats worth the money.

  • Hello Meow

    Posted October 7, 2015 by Miku Hatsune Kitty Meow

    isn't this a cute picture Rin is playing with Len's tail and he's eating a fish, I love kitty's a lot. going to Disneyland for Mickey's Halloween Haunt with my niece and nephew next Wednesday. fun.

  • All October is CreepCon at CONtv

    Posted October 7, 2015 by meeko

    Just wanted to let everyone know that all this month, CONtv is going to be hosting a month long ‘CreepCon’ online with weekly live streams every Wednesday, starting October 7th. The livestreams will be hosted by a special guest and available to everyone. Sign up for your free account he...

  • Hi

    Posted October 6, 2015 by Miku Hatsune Kitty Meow

    Hi everyone, I'm back from vacation, i had fun, but boring, I got my flu shot today my arm hurts right now, but it will get better. Please friend me. my username is Rin and Len Kagamine. Thanks can't wait to hear from you.   Rin and Len.

  • Mobile version of the site

    Posted October 6, 2015 by meeko

    Hi everyone!   I just put up the first mobile version of the web site.  Please let me know what you think, and if you have any problems with it.  I'll be tweaking it as necessary. Also, if you are on mobile and want to go back to the full version of the site, you can click the "Full...

  • Incompetent

    Posted October 5, 2015 by Takasu Ryuuji

    What would you do when someone say that you're "incompetent"? Some of us might want to punch the one who say that right there on their face, some of us just spit on ground and let it go, some of us take it as a chalange and learn more, then, maybe, some of us take that word too deep and taking it i...

  • the otaku is back :D

    Posted October 5, 2015 by the vengeful one

    this is to all my friends i had back when i was animeotaku17 on the old site, if you are looking for little old me ;P i am right here as the one and only youtube alchemist! a lot has changed since i made my old account, but rest assured, im still the same taku you people knew and loved ;P i just lea...

  • Happy October

    Posted October 1, 2015 by reallyriah


  • hey guys

    Posted September 30, 2015 by black heart ( Shadow King )

    hey guys this lord death 12 i changed my name when the websit came back up so all of my old friends here i am if you all want to add me go a head

  • My search For Tia

    Posted September 30, 2015 by Justin Cleveland

    I am Doing a research project on killer android tia. Join Now at and catch  

  • Tokyo ghoul season 3

    Posted September 30, 2015 by ⚢ nιѕнιĸι nιѕнιo ⚢

    Season 3 of tokyo ghoul is confirmed by funimation entertainment, and will be available on 2016, but no date is confirmed. Also TG's ova "Jack" is set to be released this year. Today is the scheduled release date of the new Tokyo Ghoul OVA, the prequel Tokyo Ghoul: Jack – in Japan. Unfort...

  • Let hell break loose - prologue

    Posted September 28, 2015 by Ivory

    About Me honestly t­his is who­ i am. i a­m just ano­ther nobod­y. a nobod­y who look­s at the w­orld aroun­d her, and­ smirks. b­ecause she­ knows tha­t she is s­omething m­ore. It was forever ago when it happened. Forever ago when we meet, wasn't it? Wasn't it forever ago when the darkness left t...

  • been thinking about this for a while

    Posted September 28, 2015 by The Don Emperor

    (sent this earlier but i don't think it posted so yeah)   sup guys! so this has been on my mind for a while just haven't had the chance to pitch it to you guys yet. i was thinking of creating some sort of group...that deals with threats in other rps...sort of like a multiverse team. to put it...

  • Riah's Random Rummage #1

    Posted September 26, 2015 by reallyriah

    Hey there folks- just a random assortment of things on my mind currently. Nothing SPECIAL or FANTASTIC in any way... I'm just bored really, and using this as an excuse to pass time as I chill to some tunes. -FIRST THINGS FIRST- The Music: "Bye Bye Macadam" by Rone Interesting video for sure, o...

  • A few good ones or just a lot

    Posted September 25, 2015 by Dragon

    I have been thinking way have so many friends on here if you dont talk to them.Is it better to have more friends or just a few that are good prople that u talk to.That is the question

  • Weird bug in menu on mobile

    Posted September 24, 2015 by meeko

    Just wanted to let everyone who is on a mobile device know that I am aware that there is a CSS bug that is causing the Menu button to not work properly.  It's causing the main navigation menu to scroll across the screen.  It's supposed to be collapsed into a menu button that you press to h...

  • Christian Weston chandler

    Posted September 24, 2015 by HazmatRoses If you don't know who Christian weston Chandler is please please watch his YouTube videos. yes I discovered him later on and it was one hell of a ride and emotional roller coaster, which lead me to watch cringe videos. I feel sorry for the guy he's been ...

  • Vlogs with Rawen

    Posted September 24, 2015 by Ghofrane


  • Coding

    Posted September 24, 2015 by Phirefli

    I know we are all new to the site but was hoping we could maybe start a blog about coding on the new website? 

  • Getting used to it

    Posted September 24, 2015 by Ghofrane

    hey everyone i guess everyone is also getting used to the new WOA huh  Well i want to know what do you think of it now?? Ps. Friends are always welcome ^-^

  • Welcome to the new World of Anime

    Posted September 24, 2015 by meeko

    I hope you all are enjoying the new World of Anime.  It's certainly taking me quite a bit of getting used to.   I'm still in the process of configuring things and trying out how various things work, so you may see some tests going on and some things changing in the early days of the new ...