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Collin Kanzaki
Collin Kanzaki is a daughter of Ishiromu Kanzaki. She was born on 2/14/3AR when her mother was 13. In a months later, the sudden appearance of Ishiromu's old enemy, Tengu Rai Sharuka appeared. Ishiromu fled with her daughter. To Harmonia. In Ray, that is the place where her mother's old friend hailed. They were sheltered. Five years later, they went on the journey to Cornelia. There she met her father, the Thunder Mage. However, in many days later, late at night, her father wake them up. He told Ishiromu to flee at the window. Ishiromu and Collin ride on the ship. As they went away, they witness the downfall of Cornelia. They fled to Elveristia and enter the portal that leads to Earth Realm and never be seen.

This is just a background story about Collin Kanzaki. To celebrate her birthday and Valentine's Day, I have decided to draw a 10-12 year old Collin. There is no other way to celebrate without a story to tell until Doremi Fantasy decide to tell a story about her after her mother's story.

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