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Ishiromu Kanzaki
Ishiromu Kanzaki is a half-elven Valkyroidian who was a daughter from the Oukeiyta Clan of Elveristia. She was abandoned but adopted by Saira Kanzaki. She treated her like her granddaughter and live a happy life until her hometown, Aryuze, was destroyed around 11th month in 9BR. Only Saira and Ishiromu survived before they knew something happen to their hometown. However, a Crime Hunter who was once a villager in Aryuze appeared realizing that it was too late. However, that man build a small house for the two of them to lived at. After this, he left. In years later, her foster grandmother fell ill and gave her a heart piece of Collin Oukeiya and tell her that she always love her. And, then, died. Following her death, despite her young age of 9 to 10, she goes for a hunt on her own until one day, her destiny change her. She will also travel in the search of the wielders of the heart piece of Collin Oukeiya around year 1BR.

This character is inspired with the main character Son Goku of Dragon Ball Series on his journeyed for the search of Dragon Balls. So, is Ishiromu who will search for the wielders of the Heart Piece of Collin Oukeiya before they will go the abandoned capital city at Elveristia Continent, Oukeiya.

In my personal, I suppose to copy the style in Hamtaro. This girl is inspired with the mother of Karin (Tonde Buurin).

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