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Ryu and Hanzo

Mask Renegade's Album: Kami no Chikai (God's Oath)

DESCRIPTION : Some concept art/sketches of my own manga I've been working called Kami no Chikai (Divine Oath). More will be added in time. Hell I might even just put snip bits from the manga I have so far to check out. Many years ago, humanity was at the brink of destruction. They struggled to fend off against the darkness and the mighty colossal beasts running amok the chaos. Then, a powerful being appears from the heavens and banishes these beasts. Just as peace is returning, this being had different plans in mind. Possessing control of the dark forces, this being starts a conquest to shape the world he envisioned. Small militia groups and guilds rebel, but they are put down by the being's massive armies. Many years pass under the siege of this being. Until one day, six mysterious beings rise from the ashes of defeat and take a stand. Word travels across the land of the heroic deeds of these legendary being, these 6 Saints as they're being referred to. Soon many follow them on their crusade to purge the darkness. Combining their powers, they finally confront, battle, and imprison the corrupted being. The Saints vanished without a trace years after their victory, leaving only their legend, their legacy. Soon, a new generation will rise to face a new threat and an ancient one......